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One of a kind hand made pottery using pottery wheel, coil, slab and pinch methods.

Crafty Ideas pottery was conceptualized by Anamica Chauhan Vince in 2010, paving her way out of 15 years of 9-5 jobs, after she began learning pottery in India from a well known studio potter, Mrs Rachna Parasher, studying wheel work, slab, pinching & coiling methods. 
Anamica goes by the name of anna_potternomad on Instagram, a name she picked up while travelling around to India, Ireland, Bali and then UK in her quest of the art of pottery, training with and learning from some amazing artists. She travelled to Dublin, Ireland and spent a month at Colm De Ris pottery, a renowned Irish potter based in Dublin, where she trained and helped with production work. She then went on to spend 4 months in Goa, India, with Banana Pottery (earlier called Monkey Business Pottery) and worked as an apprentice with Thomas Louis, where she was able to polish her design and finishing skills. 
Her next pottery journey took her to Gaya Ceramic Art Centre in Ubud, Bali, to do an internship programme. It turned out be a potters paradise. She got to learn and work with different resident artists from Italy, USA, Australia and Canada and experimented with techniques and clays endlessly. She got introduced to wood firing and Raku and instantly fell in love with them. She also assisted with teaching at their studio for all age groups.
Between 2012 and 2014, she had her own little studio in India, with one traditional kick wheel and a small electric wheel, where she made her own work and taught basic level pottery and recycled art and craft to children between the age group of 3years – 12 years, whenever she travelled back to India. 
She now lives in the UK and is based in Surrey. She has been teaching pottery and claywork with Surrey Adult Learning since May 2015. The more she teaches, the more she learns and her work evolves every year. She loves organic shapes and finds claywork grounding and meditative.
Please do check out all her work on this website.  Anamica also takes commissioned work. 
Thank you for your time.



Handmade ceramics 

Each piece is either hand-thrown on a pottery wheel then trimmed or is hand built, using coil/pinch/slab methods and then given free hand surface decoration, before being put into a bisque firing that goes to 960 degree Celsius ( about 10 hours of firing in an electric kiln). The pots are then glazed in a food safe glaze and put through the second firing in the electric kiln, that goes to 1260 degree celsius for porcelain and stoneware clay, making the bowl completely vitrified. This final firing takes about 12 hours. Earthenware is fired to 1150 degree celsius and once glazed, is absolutely food safe. However, as it's a low fired temperature clay, it's never a 100% vitrified and always 'breathes' a little.  Over time, the glaze usually develops crackle effect, giving it a unique mature look. 

As my products are completely hand made, no two pieces are identical. There will be slight variations in colour and shape, making each piece unique.

All tableware is dishwasher safe, but I would recommend washing by hand to prolong the product life, especially the earthenware.
I make personalised commissioned work. Time scale to make it would be a minimum of 6 weeks but can be more, depending on the type of work.
Check out my work and start shopping today!



Thanks for your interest in Crafty Ideas Pottery. For more information, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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